Pedal powered cinema at Occupy & Transition films, 5th and 12th December

Two films over two weeks re-launching the Transition film evenings (note different times and venues);
*Please keep an eye out for this monthly regular event starting Jan 2012*

Mon 5th Dec. 6pm : Pedal-powered cinema!! with Occupy Edinburgh and Powerpod
Venue : Occupy, St Andrew Square
Screening : Money As Debt

Please come ready to cycle power the film keeping you warm at the same time!!

Money as Debt is a short animated documentary by Paul Grignon about the monetary systems practised through modern banking. The film presents the process of money creation by banks and warns of the economic system itself being the root causes of monetary instability.

* If anyone can bring their bike along to help power the film, we’d appreciate more bikes (with flat surfaced tires)!! Please let Roland know on ; rolandplayle [at] yahoo [dot] com

Mon 12th Dec. 7.30pm
Venue : Brass Monkey pub, 14 Drummond St.
Screening : Age of Stupid

Age of Stupid – film/documentary narrated by an archivist in 2050, looking back and asking `Why didn’t we save ourselves when we had the chance? Director Franny Armstrong (McLibel) used the “crowd-funding” model to finance the film, and then spent four years following seven real people’s stories from around the world to be interweaved: an Indian entrepreneur struggling to start a new low-cost airline, a Shell employee in New Orleans who rescued more than 100 people during Hurricane Katrina, an 82-year-old French mountain guide watching his beloved glaciers melt, two Iraqi refugee children searching for their elder brother, a young woman living in desperate poverty in Nigeria’s richest oil area and a windfarm developer in Britain battling those who don’t want his turbines to spoil their view.

! Help needed !
We need some help promoting and flyering this event which will be a regular monthly gathering from Jan 2012. If you can take some flyers / posters away to put in public places, we’d be grateful for any support. Likewise anyone who can spend an hour or two taking a stroll around your local shops, cafes and libraries to put up posters, will be much loved by many !

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