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Out of nearly 1,000 participating projects from across the UK, PEDAL and Greener Leith’s proposal for a community wind turbine at Seafield Waste Water Treatment Works is in the final 19 that might win funding from Energyshare!   We are in the medium projects category and so stand to win up to £80,000 towards the project.

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Please note you only get one vote per project category.

If you are already a supporter of our project on the Energyshare website, please note this is not the same as voting! All supporters will still need to place their votes if they want us to win the funding. Winning projects will only be judged on numbers of votes, not numbers of supporters.

We have produced an updated set of Frequently Asked Questions for those who are interested in finding out ore about the project and how it is progressing.

Spread the word

Please ask your friends, colleagues and neighbours if they can support us, by forwarding this mail, adding the Energyshare voting widget (available on the right of this website or on the EnergyShare website) to your website site and/or Facebook page, or through Twitter – asking them to vote for Portobello & Leith Community Wind Energy Project. Pleas note you can sign up to Energyshare using your Facebook account if you prefer this to using your e-mail account.

Thank you

A huge thanks you to all our supporters. We’re really pleased to have got this far, and clearly we couldn’t have done it without your help.

Support for turbine flyer – vote for us

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