Car Free Day Bike & Boat Parade!

Here is the report we sent to who want to use photos of this and other events happening across the planet today to project onto the UN building in New York and let the powers that be know that the people will carry on leading until the leaders follow:

“Here in Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland, the sun shone and 50 folk turned out on their bicycles to celebrate a world moving beyond fossil fuels.

“Another dozen folk on rowing skiffs from our local rowing club joined in rowing along the shore next to the cyclists as we processed to the site of what we hope will become the first community owned urban turbine in the UK. The bicycles and boats were full of people of all ages, and the cyclists were led by a bike decorated as a great green dragon! With earth flags flying and banners reading “100% renewable energy now” we enjoyed the sunshine and renewed our hope that community action – such as the community orchard and other food growing projects we have begun, and insulation projects and the proposed community turbine – can help ensure our children look back with happiness at what we have done to ensure their lives are blessed with renewable energy and renewed communities.”

We were blessed with wonderful sunshine for Car Free Day 2011 (poster here), and we had a good turnout of all ages, earth flags, bikes, scooters and rowing skiffs.

We met at 2pm at the Cake Stand at the bot­tom of Marlborough Street, waited for the two rowing skiffs to get ready with their earth flags flying, then set off cycling along the Prom to the beach below the pro­posed community turbine site at Seafield. This year Our Car Free Day was held on international ‘Moving Planet’ Day of action (September 24th.)

Some folk spent the morning at the Orch­ard for the Equinox monthly work day and then cycled down to join every­one for the 2pm start. Others joined the ‘Moving Planet: moving beyond fossil fuels’ March and Rally at Holyrood before cycling down to join our bike and boat parade. Others managed to finish the shopping, or even get out of bed, in time to join us!

We had thought of holding a time trial (see­ing how well a car, a bike, a skate­board, a skiff do racing against each other if none of them are fossil fuelled!) but were informed by the police that all vehicles (except work vehicles) are banned from the Prom – which is a very good thing!

Ok, why not try to guess which of these four photos chose to run with, and then think what title they might have given it?

You can find out the photo and the unexpected title by clicking HERE!

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