The end of economic growth?

In this straightforward 5 minute film – ‘Who killed economic growth?’ – Heingerg argues that the end of growth started in 2008 and that the so called “recovery” is only a sleight of hand to mask, for a while, the unavoidable decline.

Even more reason to focus on rejuvenating our local economy in a way that can help us to meet our real needs for food, energy, warm homes, and a thriving community.

As this (completed unrelated!) ‘dreaded stairs’ 2 minute video demonstrates, the best way to encourage people to make positive changes is to make them fun!

The Organic Market is a great place for kids to play, and adults to talk – and there were some really useful discussions of the financial meltdown, which led to my posting this video. It also led to an evening of discussion organised by the Dalriada Conversations group – with two superb presentations by Peter McColl and Donald Bloxham, followed by an excellent and spirited discussion. We hope to hold more open discussions of related crucial issues. When we do, we’ll let you know. (Justin)

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