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PEDAL’s Organic Market is 9.30-1.30 this Saturday (see below) , and Eva and I tied the bright Organic Market banners to the fences outside Towerbank Primary School this morning while the sun was shining. Then we put up the Turbine display and our rough and ready Turbine posters, and gave out leaflets to scores of mums and dads – asking people to register support for our turbine project before midnight tonight by clicking on the big blue “Support this group” button on the Energyshare website so we can have a chance of securing funding.

The response was great and another 30 folk have signed up in the hour and a half since.

At the moment we’re at 4th out of 926 projects, and Energyshare want to know “Who’s the most popular of them all?”, so for them our position will significantly impact on whether they fund us. As far as PEDAL’s concerned, however, although we want the funding this is also an opportunity to get our message across, to get people to think and talk about what we as a community can do to make this an even better place to live.

Two concerns people have are flicker and noise (addressed in the leaflet we were handing out). Our consultant has informed us that flicker will only be a problem for a few very nearby houses for a few hours in the early morning each year, and we can reduce the turbine speed at that time to solve the problem. As for noise, you can apparently have a conversation directly beneath the turbine without raising your voice, more than can be said for the Seafield Road!

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