Traffic & Parking Consultation 25th May

In Porty Town Hall, Edinburgh Council is holding a Traffic & Parking Consultation on Wednesday 25th May 7-9pm.

If you live on Marlborough St, Bellfield S, Regent St, Straiton Place or Bath St – you are invited to have your say about how the Council should deal with the parking congestion on these streets.

On a personal note: We have a car and live on Marlborough Street. Here are some suggestions to help solve the traffic and parking problems:


This street (like Bath Street) have park­ing on only one side (instead of be­ing impass­able for ped­es­tri­ans by cars park­ing on the pave­ments). This would dis­cour­age us (and maybe oth­ers?) from own­ing cars since cars in a city like Edinburgh are (for most of us) all about con­veni­ence, and not being able to park here would be migh­tily inconvenient!


Instead, some of the remain­ing park­ing spaces should be con­ver­ted into covered cycle racks so that using bicycles can be made more con­veni­ent (or simply made pos­sible!) for those of us in tene­ments (and those in houses). These need not be individual cubicles as used on many stations (which take up too much room per bike) but a covered rack where bikes can be locked up and have the worst of the rain kept off them.


Those who con­tinue to park on the street could con­trib­ute to com­munity trans­port ini­ti­at­ives through com­munity per­mits that can help pay for such cycle park­ing shel­ters and help make the city car club cheaper for those who decide to relin­quish their cars, or for those who don’t have a car but need to use one. This could be a popular and innovative approach and would be far more popular, helpful and targeted on helping solve our transport issues, than people paying for Council park­ing per­mits.

Alongside the excel­lent bus ser­vice, per­haps this will help us to kick the car habit and make our streets safer and bet­ter places to be.

Any other thoughts out there? It could be useful to have a range of suggestions, rather than just complaints, to bring to the meeting!

3 responses to “Traffic & Parking Consultation 25th May

  1. Mandy,

    – Yes, clear signposting of available car parking would be great, and
    – Yes I am probably being a bit hopeful in terms of hoping for a rapid reduction in car use (including my own!) – one way traffic with traffic heading towards the Prom down Marlborough Street, and back up to the High Street up Bath Street of Regent Street (both of which have traffic lights to enable cars to get on to the High Street) probably makes most sense for the moment.

  2. I missed the public meeting on 25th but as I work for the Council have already fed some views through colleagues involved with the consultation process – namely that -as a local resident who uses the Prom on weekends I have noticed that the car parks at Bowling Club and 5 a side and end of Kings Road – have rarely more than 10 out of estimated 50 plus spaces occupied on a Saturday morning . More could be done to clearly signpost these areas from the High Street as ‘public parking for seaside’ particularly for drivers coming out of Edinburgh – as those unfamiliar with the area are generally past the relevant junctions to these car parks before they are fully aware they are in Portobello or close to the Prom
    More effective signposting could immediately reduce weekend parking demand around the congested Bath St, Regent St Marlborough St and Bellfield St end of the Promenade particularly on sunny days when the beach is busy with welcome visitors.

    I take your point about the one side parking option you suggest for the narrower streets Justin, but with 8 flats in my stair( in Mboro st) there are still currently a lot of local residents requiring parking to be accommodated – even averaging one car per household- which we must hope will reduce with other incentives to use public transport,bikes and car club alternatives
    I have also witnessed several ‘road rage’ incidents in the Marlborough St/Bath St area with drivers unwilling( or possibly unable…) to reverse back up a double parked narrow street.
    I would suggest that bringing in a one way traffic rule for at least Regent and Marlborough Street is going to be needed soon to help smooth traffic flow.
    We also need to ensure there is space at all times for emergency vehicles, removal vans, supermarket and other deliveries – which can block narrower streets unless ‘loading bays ‘are reserved for this purpose.

  3. Recent research shows that 30 per cent of car club users put off buying a vehicle as a result of their car club membership. This supports the estimate that each car of this kind can potentially replace more than 20 privately-owned vehicles.

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