Spokes factsheet on family cycle-commuting

Spokes has a new fact-sheet on family cycle-commuting, now available online.  This provides parents, particularly of young children, with ideas on how to use bikes for whole-family every-day transport, with real-life case-studies to provide added inspiration.  A practical, economic and enjoyable solution to every-day work/nursery/school travel!

You can view the fact-sheet here.

More information on Spokes’s current work around Family Cycle-Commuting, updates to the fact-sheet etc. available here.

Spokes and The Bike Station are launching their ‘Weans on Wheels’ project this spring / summer (grant-funded by Cycling Scotland).  The Bike Station will be delivering practical cycling support aimed specifically at parents needing to transport young children, through equipment demonstrations at nurseries and schools across Edinburgh, ‘drop-in’ training sessions and hands-on whole-family ‘have-go’ sessions.  If you have contacts at a nursery or school (esp South Edinburgh) that might be interested, do contact Katherine Ivory at Spokes (katherine [at] tusks [dot] org [dot] uk) or Ruairidh MacGlone at the Bike Station (info [at] thebikestation [dot] org [dot] uk).

Also, if you work for a company registered with the Bike Station’s Better Way to Work project and you’d like to try out some of the different family-cycling options, the Bike Station might be able to loan you some equipment (Burley child trailers, child seats and tag-alongs, as well as adult bikes).

Happy cycling!

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