Castle’ Credit Union

Craigmillar Credit Union now covers the whole of the Craignmillar and Portobello Ward and beyond.  The financial cooperative is soon to have a new name – ‘Castle Credit Union’ – and is poised to do further development work in Portobello to attract even more local members, as it is about to take on a new full-time member of staff.  So why not enquire about saving with them today, making sure you get a competitive rate of interest and your money helps people in the area who are on low incomes? The co-operative can help members who save a little regularly with to get a very low-cost loan for the essentials in life, for example a reconditioned fridge, or a ‘starter pack’ when they take on their own tenancy for the first time, or spreading the cost of next Christmas.

One response to “Castle’ Credit Union

  1. I stronly support credit unions.

    I have a savings account with the capital credit union, each month the council deduct my contribution and pay it straight into my capital credit union savings account. Its great because you dont really miss the money as much.

    About 4 years ago to support it further I left my own bank, RBS and opened a current account at capital credit union.

    Castle Credit Union certainly have some way to go but I wish them luck.

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