Local Food Links – next meeting 25th January

Hi, we just wanted to let you know what happened at PEDAL’s recent Local Food Links event, and our plans for the next event – where we hope lots of local people will come along to start working together for locally-produced food grown and sold here in Portobello.

On Tuesday 23rd November in the Community Centre, Heather and Pete of Whitmuir Organics hosted a discussion on local food in Portobello.  A group of 16 local people got together to create a vision of a fantastic food future for Portobello … locally-produced and organic … then work out how we might get there.

Have a look at the map we created, and the diagram summarising the current PEDAL Food groups and projects, which is on the Food page of this website.

We are holding a follow up event on Tuesday 25th January from 7-9pm. We want to bring together as many people as possible who have been involved in PEDAL’s food projects – whether that’s the orchard, market, food growing courses or whatever – and people who are interested in local food but haven’t yet managed to get involved.  Folk will be able to choose the topic they’re most keen on and work with others to plan what can be done over the next year. We hope to see you there!

Details of the venue will be posted on the website and emailed to all those who expressed an interest.

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