Solar Porty Scheme launched!

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  1. This is a great offer. Glendevon have recently fitted us with solar thermal -3m sq of evacuated tubes on roof with southerly aspect and large family sized tank and we are really pleased with it. Since October we have been generating approx 4 kw/day (expect that it will be much higher in summer). It doesn’t take much to work out that the system will (eventually) pay for itself if/when the R.H.I. comes into play this coming year. Was advised by Edinburgh Council that planning permission was not normally required as long as the panels/tubes are more than 1m away from roof edge and don’t protrude more than 20mm from roof plane.
    Though slimmer/smaller h.w.cylinders are available for smaller households the thermal hotwater cylinder is larger and heavier so some careful consideration is needed when working out where to place it (300l tank full of water = approx 50stone ) .

  2. Hi

    How can we be sure that the solar panels proposed by Glendevon Energy are the most efficient or the most cost effective.

    As I am an academic in Electrical Engineering, I would be happy to look at the benchmark in performance that this company is supplying.

    Best wishes

    • Hi Marc,
      We went through a tender process and invited installers to propose panel types based on a number of criteria, including price, energy performance in Scotland, where the panels were produced and also compared the experience of these installers with similar projects. The AES panels which were proposed by Glendevon were the most cost effective ones proposed. Vacuum tube systems, which are also available through Glendevon, are slightly more efficient, but also cost slightly more, so efficiency in this case means that they can be fitted on smaller roof areas. We are confident that these panels perform well and are very well priced.
      I hope this answers your questions, but if you would like to speak to Glendevon directly, or if you would like to see the tenders that came in you are very welcome to do that.
      Best Wishes, Charlotte

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