Local Food Survey

PEDAL are looking at various ways in which a strong local food system in Portobello might be developed. We are hoping to find out what residents of Portobello feel about buying locally produced food.

By locally produced food, we mean food that has been grown, reared, caught, baked or otherwise made in Scotland (preferably the south-east of Scotland). The produce currently sold in local shops may or may not have been produced locally.

In particular we would like to know what makes it difficult for people to shop this way and how it could be made easier.

This survey will only take a couple of minutes but will be very useful when deciding how to take this work forward. It would be great if you could take the time to complete it as everyone’s opinion counts. Please also forward it to any Portobello residents that you know.

To complete the survey please click on this link Survey

Best Wishes and thanks in anticipation,

Emma Dempsey (on behalf of PEDAL)

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