The first ever Portobello Organic Market!

basket of veg by Rosemary RatcliffWe now have a site, times and prices set for the market! The first one is on Saturday 4th September 10am to 2pm in Brighton Park, Brighton Place.  It is also Organic Fortnight and Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, so more good reasons to come along and buy loads of lovely Scottish Organic produce.  Have a look at the updated webpage for more info.  Details of stall holders and entertainments will be posted as they are confirmed.

8 responses to “The first ever Portobello Organic Market!

  1. How do you sell things in the market?
    Do you have to pay for a table?

  2. Hi,
    Wasn’t able to attend the first market, but after the great reputation and attendance last month I made sure this weekend was free, I have heard a lot about the market and there was a lot of great organic and locally produced product… definately a great thing to see!
    The one major disappointment was the refreshments, I had been led to believe that there would be fresh coffee and tea’s available at the Market (rumour had it a few local coffee companies had been invited), on arrival I saw a little stand that was charging me £1 for “organic coffee”, great I thought. That was until I realised all they were selling was pre-ground instant organic coffee, which can be bought in any supermarket or organic shop and then having the nerve to charge £1 for the priveledge of adding some overboiled water to it!… A very dissappointing end to what was otherwise a great day out

    • Thanks for the feedback Matt, glad you enjoyed the market but sorry to hear about the disappointing coffee. This is the first time we’ve had refreshments available, and I agree quality is paramount. We are still reviewing the range of stalls and produce on offer, and very much hope to have fresh coffee for sale at the next one.

  3. Hi Tom, thanks for the quick response & comprehensive explanation. My comments were spur of the moment (but entirely genuine) on arriving home after my visit to your market. I am a great supporter of organic produce especially bread & cheese. Indeed I had been greatly looking forward to the market after hearing about it 8 week prior to the launch. I feel that this is soemthing that Portobello genuinely needs and had hoped for a successful launch. I do however have some concerns over your percentages. 60% organic seems extremely low and as shown by yesterdays events, can lead to non-organic creep. Thanks again, Gerry.

  4. Have just attended the first market in Brighton Park and sadly it will be my last The layout of the stalls were too close together leading to overcrowding and at least a third of the stall resembled a car boot sale where frankly the sale of toys, pens & DVDs are as far removed from organic fair as a generic hamburger. Whilst it may grow and prosper it will be without our support. All in all an opportunity missed.

    • Dear Gerry,

      Thanks for your feedback on our first market. I’m sorry you feel that way, the vast majority of feedback we had was positive. However, we would agree with both your points and these were flagged by other people so we will be looking to make changes for the next one. Please bear with us – we are learning how to run a good quality market and this was only or first!

      The reason the stalls were so close together is that we were told by the Council we couldn’t have customers trampling the grass, so we were to try to keep them to the paving. We weren’t expecting such huge numbers of people! Health and safety is something we take very seriously and we will speak with the Council about changing the layout for 2nd October to a single line of stalls running further round the park, which should reduce any crowding to an acceptable level.

      On the quality of the stalls, we aim to have at least 60% of stalls selling food or drink that is organic or has a majority of organic ingredients. The remaining stalls are open to local people selling arts & crafts in an attempt to support local artists and stimulate local production and sale. We are less strict on the criteria they have to meet but are keen on folk selling goods made from organic, locally produced or recycled materials – and several traders on Saturday met these criteria. We were as surprised as you when someone turned up selling pens and dvds, as they had told us they were selling locally produced arts and crafts. The other stall you refer to, selling toys, was run by a local nursery. We will be reviewing which traders will be invited to have a stall in the future. Some people have suggested we open the market up to sellers of second hand goods as this would help meet the aims of the Transiton movement, but we have resisted this so far as quality is paramount and we don’t want to run a flea market. Please view our stallholder policy here

      We hope you can bear with us during this start up phase of the market and would be delighted to have your custom at future markets. Otherwise, our apologies.

      Tom Black
      Project Manager
      PEDAL – Portobello Transition Town
      Project Manager

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