Water saving campaign

By the first week of June everyone in Portobello should be receiving a Home Water check form through their doors. By sending back completed forms, individuals will get a report on ways they can reduce water use. This can save energy and money, and cut carbon emissions. Money can be saved by reducing hot water use and increasing efficiency of water heating, but huge amounts of energy energy is also used to treat water for consumption and for it’s treatment after use, so by reducing unnecessary water use we can cut carbon emissions too. The water saving campaign is being run by Energy Saving Scotland advice centre in partnership with PEDAL.

On Wednesday 2nd June there will be a stall in the Bath Street Scotmid store where Oliver Musgrave from Changeworks will be there to answer questions about water saving, and you can also find out about other current PEDAL projects.

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  1. Nand kishore Verma

    hi i am nand kishore verma ,i am with you because i am also working for water conservation and rainwater harvesting.

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