Responses to Copenhagen

Firstly, a 1962 advert in which ESSO boasts of it’s power to melt icebergs!

Rob Edwards quotes James Curran (Head of Science at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency) response in The Herald

George Monbiot in The Guardian summarises what happened at Copenhagen.

A public relations expert explains to Americans why Obama can’t really do anything about healthcare, climate change, etc unless (as Monbiot says above) people who care get organised, get active and make it happen.

A summary of what’s in the accord from Climate Code Red, an Australian perspective

Joss Garman of Greenpeace and Plane Stupid responds to Copenhagen.

Johann Hari’s response in The Independent.

The Historian Jeremy Brechner responds on znet.

Mike Small responds on Bella Caledonia

Bill McKibben of the campaign at the end, and earlier when he was still working flat out in hope and in tears.

. . . and finally

Ben Brangwyn (of Transition Network and Transition Totness) response from earlier in the week . . .

. . . and I’ve just found a great piece by Shaun Chamberlin on carbon offsetting and the value of money with some excellent cartoons . . .

see also my earlier blog from the Copenhagen Climate Change march

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