Early Winter Newsletter – round up of what’s happening!

A brief round up of what’s happened/ what’s happening/ and what’s on it’s way (scroll down to find what’s coming up!)

1. Car Free Day was very successful in terms of numbers in bike parade, the little market and a really well attended Isle of Egg play. For next year we’ll try to be more ambitious and make Car Free Day also about a Pedestrianised zone that shows how the world could be. Would anyone like to suggest a particular place where we might close a road (with the agreement of residents of course!), support a campaign for improvements to that street, working with the residents group, and have a street party?!

2. PEDAL Challenge [Free Bus Pass!]: We now have 3 people signed up for this – but still room for 2 more folk to have a months free bus pass to se what it is like to live without their car for a month and report the tribulations and benefits of using public transport/ cyling/ whatever; and contributing to a blog on your expeiences and being interviewed by the Evening News. This will probably be for the month of January – let us know if you’d like to be one of them!

3. Tenement wanted to pilot an energy efficient [cut your heating bills!] system: We are involving Changeworks in an Insulation hotspot campaign – let us know if you want to be part of this.

4. PEDAL Office going into hibernation: we have decided not to keep the office on the High Street going – since it would be better contributing to a vibrant High Street [as the office was when we had folk working in it] than contributing to a hole in our pockets and a silent High Street. However, if we receive Climate Challenge Funding for the next phase of our work, we will need office space for 3 workers.

5. 2nd CCF bid: We are applying for funding to employ a full time manager, an energy worker, and a food worker to take forward the community orchard (already underway), the farmers market, the insulation campaign, the potential for renewables, etc. We hope this bid will be successful – pouring our ‘spare’ time into this work on top of family and jobs is demanding and it would be great top have some funded work (let alone providing more employment in Portobello).

6. New Members: we have over a hundred members now – if you have joined us recently: WELCOME! If you have been with us for the long haul: WELL DONE!

7. Orchard: The Halloween special (clearing/ planting/ games) was very successful – a great spread of people throughout the day, and a good number of kids.

8. Pot luck meal that was to be at 6.30 on November 26th in the Community Centre has had to be postponed – in the meantime all welcome to the Espy Pub from 8.30 instead.

9. Home film – extraordinary aerial shots of the earth – will be shown at St Philips, Brunstane Road North, at 7.30pm on Saturday November 14th, and is free. This is part of our build up towards . . .

10. Portobello and The Wave: Glasgow December 5th

Portobello Wave – Jump on the Porty Bus on Dec 5th and head over to join the biggest ever demonstration against Climate Chaos in Scotland. Tied in to a huge wave of international demonstrations that day, designed to bring pressure on Governments in the run up to Copenhagen Climate Change negotiations. We aim to organise coach(es) from Portobello with FoE/SCCS (Tom Ballantine) and St Philip’s (Stewart Weaver). Transition Scotland Support are organising their annual meeting in Glasgow to follow on the 5th/ 6th and will be paying transport and accommodation for any who want to attend – kids and their families very welcome!

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