‘Age of Stupid’ Porty Premiere – what’s next? ‘Home’!

It looks as though the next film is likely to be ‘Home’, we expect it to be shown at St Philips on Wednesday 14th October . . . but we await confirmation . . .

But, just to remind you of the last film: The Porty Premiere of Age of Stupid film Sunday 21st June at St Philips Church Hall, Brunstane Road North was a great success. Tea, cakes, wine and beer were laid on by the St Philips fim society . . . the film was powerful . . . the discussion led by Ewan Aitken of eco-congregations was really good.

Thanks to Stewart Weaver of  St Philips, and Jane Herbstritt of the World Development Movement for making this happen!

If you missed it, the Age of Stupid is well worth seeing: it’s well made, fast moving, covers the issues, has good and engaging human stories in it BUT (or should that be AND?!) it does face the facts of climate change very directly and is imagining a perfectly possible scenario in which humanity is about to be no more. This is a vital reality to face in order that we don’t take that route

. . .  Age of Stupid website

2 responses to “‘Age of Stupid’ Porty Premiere – what’s next? ‘Home’!

  1. Barbara Middleton

    Hi PEDAL-Porty
    The recent events have all looked really brilliant (great posters) and sorry not to be able to be with you. I also am a PEDAL member and wondered if you had my e-mail address? (for both Nik Savage and myself) It would be good to be able to receive PEDAL news through an e-mail. This isn’t always possible, I know, as time is short for everyone, but is a good way of keeping the news out there to members. I will make sure that I look up the web-site on a more regular basis too. I saw Age of Stupid at Ocean Terminal and was inspired to see PEDAL promoting a screeing in Portobello. I would definitely love to see Yann Arthus Bertrand’s ‘Home’ as I was out of Edinburgh at it’s one-off screening last month. Many thanks and hope to see you soon.

  2. I am really annoyed at myself for missing the film but I only noticed a poster about it outside the Bank of Scotland this morning (24th july) .I thought by becoming a member I would have been sent an e-mail about up coming events.I hope I will be able to catch it at the Brunton Theartre on 1st july.
    all the best

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